Book to Commemorate Vietnam Veterans Service

     The Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs (ADVA) and Remember My Service (RMS) are out to tell the story of Alabama’s Vietnam veterans.

     “The best way to honor Vietnam veterans is to remember and share their stories of service, duty, and sacrifice,” explains Sharlene Hawkes, president of RMS Productions. “The hardbound book and online ebookA Time to Honor: Stories of Service, Duty, and Sacrifice, ensures that the veterans of a controversial and painful war are appropriately honored.” The ebook will be given free of charge to Vietnam veterans and their families in every state, and the 175-page hardbound book with feature documentary The Journey Home will also be given as private sponsors become available.

     “We want to reinforce that over nine million served the call of their country without any desire to follow any particular policy,” she said. “The book is a way to show the breadth and depth of the Vietnam War—it is the collective story told through individual experiences.” Stories in the book represent all states and services, and are not only from combat veterans, but also mail clerks, nurses, prisoners of war and truck drivers.

     Alabama Vietnam veterans can contribute their stories and photographs to a digital history of the war by logging onto The stories will be included in an interactive state-specific eBook which will accompany the hardbound book.

     "This book describes the arduous service and tremendous sacrifice of these men and women and is the next logical step in showing the proper measure of gratitude, respect and compassion for all these Alabamians have done," W. Clyde Marsh, ADVA commissioner, said.
“The special book is meant to be a welcome home from every Vietnam Veteran of each state in the nation.”